Claim: #1 "Kangen water" is a special water made on machines of a certain Japanese MLM brand only.

Answer: In Japan, "Kangen waters" are certain naturally occurring mildly alkaline spring waters used traditionally to treat certain stomach ailments like acid reflux for over 500 years.

In Chemistry, alkalis are known as "reduced" compounds and the Japanese chemistry term for reduction process is "Kangen". So the Japanese chemical description for "reduced" water, "alkaline" water, "deoxidised" water etc. is "Kangen" water. The MLM brand is suppressing this well known fact and misleading consumers that in Japanese language "Kangen" means "return to origin", whereas the other meaning of "Kangen" is actually a Japanese accounting term meaning to "return the original (principal) amount".

As detailed later in this page, the rapid production of so-called "Kangen water" by the MLM brand machine is achieved by their using chemical adulterants and the produced liquid (which does not qualify to be drinkable water as prescribed under law both in India and also Japan) is poisonous and may be harmful if ingested in the quantities they suggest without a doctor's prescription.

Reference: Physico-Chemical, Biological and Therapeutic Characteristics of Electrolyzed Reduced Alkaline Water (ERAW) - Water 2013, 5(4), 2094-2115; https://doi.org/10.3390/w5042094

Claim: #2 Branded "Kangen water" is fit for drinking and should be consumed in large quantity to prevent or cure diabetes, cancer, obesity etc.

Answer: The "Kangen water" device manufacturer claims (albeit incorrectly) that "Kangen Water® pH 8.5-9.5 This type of water is perfect for drinking..".

Firstly, as any qualified chemist will tell you, any liquid with ph between 8.5-9.5 does not qualify to be described as "water".

Secondly, as the laws of both India and Japan prescribe, only water of pH between 6.5-8.5 (pH 5.6 to 8.6 in Japan) without relaxation qualifies to be drinkable water. Thus the branded MLM Kangen water which is outside pH 6.5-8.5 range must ordinarily be presumed to be unsafe and harmful for consumption and unfit for drinking.

Thirdly, because the MLM marketers know very well that the high pH liquid output of their machine is illegal for drinking water in India (as well as Japan), they have now begin claiming their imported machines are "medical devices" approved by the Japanese Government. Whereas the said approvals are strictly given on the specific conditions like (i) usage will be on a doctor's prescription, (ii) no other medications will be taken simultaneously, (iii) patients with underlying medical conditions like 'Anaciditas' etc. should never be given such high pH waters.

Accordingly, as a responsible water ionizer machine provider, we urge Indian consumers to seek qualified medical advice before consuming any liquids with excessively high pH being promoted as "cure-alls" by unscrupuous MLM marketers of so-called "Kangen water" machines.

Claim: #3 Branded "Kangen water" is micro-clustered and thereby the smaller molecules being more easily absorbed promote better hydration.

Claim: #4 "Kangen" water ionizer machine, being patented, is better than other branded water ionizer machines

Answer: #3 There is none, or hardly any, verifiable scientific evidence for the existence of the alleged micro-clusters of water.

Firstly, a detailed and reputed Japanese scientific study (titled as "Studies on the Physicochemical Properties and Existence of Water Products (as Drinks) Advertised as Having Smaller Cluster Sizes of H2O Molecules than Those of Regular Water" link) has clearly debunked the existence of these alleged micro-clusters in drinking water H2O along with the claimed benefits of better hydration.

Secondly, the Kangen machine brand website never itself claims that their water ionizer machines produce "micro-clustered" water.

Thirdly, it is the unscrupulous MLM marketers and independent sales agents (who are under stress to achieve sales targets and increase their commission ranking) of the devices who promote the fantastic myths of micro-clustered waters and hexagonal structured waters to sell their machines to gullible consumers with simple chemistry parlour trick demonstrations - like tea "making" without boiling / color change to wash cherry tomatoes etc.

Whereas, the claimed beneficial aspects of alkaline drinking water are attributed to the directly measurable properties like ORP and free dissolved molecular Hydrogen concentration which are produced by superior quality 3rd generation ionisers like ION Life devices. In actuality, it is the free molecular hydrogen H2, which being the smallest molecule possible, is able to permeate everywhere in the body and create wellness.

Reference: Effects of alkaline-electrolyzed and hydrogen-rich water, in a high-fat-diet nonalcoholic fatty liver disease mouse model - World J Gastroenterol. 2018 Dec 7; 24(45): 5095–5108; https://www.wjgnet.com/1007-9327/full/v24/i45/5095.htm

Answer: #4 Considering that the phenomenon and process for water ionisation by electrolysis has been known and researched for over 300 years, it can be safely said that the basic process cannot be patented today and all the claimed patents are meaningless and obtained solely for marketing purposes to deceive gullible consumers.

A typical patent used to promote the MLM brand is their "patent" obtained by the inventor of MLM for their "distributor management plan" or the "8-point business plan" or MLM marketing scheme with "8 point Commission structure paying 8 points within 8 levels" etc. link, link which causes their Kangen machines to be vastly over-priced due to patented front-loading MLM commission structures.

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